re·so·lu·ción (f)

1. Resolve
2. Decision
3. Solution
Resolución is uniquely positioned to advise clients with insightful, dedicated legal advice and representation, specialising in navigating through the complex issues surrounding administrative law. 

Administrative law regulates how governments and entities take decisions and enforce actions. Accordingly, citizens and companies are entitled to legal remedies if they disagree with a government’s decision. Resolución is your legal adviser and if necessary your representation in litigation. Resolución gives a tailored and practical approach, to help you and your firm navigate through all fields of administrative law. 

Resolución specializes in:
Resolución has administrative law in its genes.

Resolución is your lawyer, adviser, sparring-partner, specialist, and strategist all at once, not to mention an expansive network of specialists in other fields of law, if necessary.

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